Welcome to The New School!

*IMPORTANT NOTE: All information on this page has been curated for remote learning beginning Fall 2020. Please be advised that information in this guide is subject to change.*

Whether on- or off- campus, this helpful Information Technology (IT) resource guide outlines the necessary steps and tools you need to support your work and studies, connect and collaborate with classmates, faculty, and staff, and make the most of your New School experience.

What is Information Technology (IT)?

Information Technology (IT) offers a variety of technology-based services, resources, tools, and support to ensure your success as part of the New School community.

What's New This Semester?

Covid-19 has brought our dependence on technology to the forefront and shown the key role it plays during these challenging circumstances. From learning tools to advanced support, we’re working to implement changes and updates to better serve The New School community during this time.

Find your NetID & Password

Your NetID and associated password give you access to a variety of New School services listed in this guide.

To find your NetID &/or change password, go to account.newschool.edu and follow the prompt. 

  • Your NetID acts as your username and for most students looks something likes this: “ParsJ123” (combination of partial last name, first name initial, and the last 3-digits of your N-Number*).
  • Your NetID is used to create your default New School Email address.
    • Example: ParsJ123@newschool.edu
    • Allows access to MyNewSchool, Canvas, Zoom, Adobe Creative Cloud Apps, Google Apps, and Office 365, and many other online and on-campus services.

*Your N-Number is the 9-digit number starting with an “N” assigned to you as your student ID.


  • Your NetID password expires every 180 days.
  • If you miss the “change password” prompts from MyNewSchool or your New School email, you can always change/reset your password on the Account Services page.

Login to your New School Email & Other Google Apps

The New School provides email accounts for the community as part of New School G Suite by Google.

To log into your email, simply use your NetID & password at mail.newschool.edu.

In addition to Gmail, you also receive various other Google Apps including Calendar, Chat, Docs, Groups, Hangouts, and Sites.

Access MyNewSchool and other Academic Services

MyNewSchool is the university's main web portal where you can access a variety of academic, work, and student life services, including:

  • Registering for classes
  • Viewing your grades
  • Access to financial aid documents
  • Making payments online

You can log into MyNewSchool at my.newschool.edu with your NetID and password.

You can find the Apps Locker in the upper right hand corner of MyNewSchool. The Apps Locker provides you quick access to many university services including but not limited to:

  • Zoom: Main conferencing software. Go to your FREE account at newschool.zoom.us
  • Canvas: Learning management system, through which you receive all communication regarding course work, obtain assignments, collaborate on projects, participate in discussions, etc.
  • Starfish: Appointment platform University-wide platform, allows students to easily request help, receive follow-up, and schedule appointments to discuss questions or concerns with faculty, staff, and advisors.
  • HireNew: Online jobs board for searching jobs, access career resources, and discover career development opportunities.
  • DegreeWorks: Degree tracking system, allows you to review progress towards degree completion, review required courses, electives, and academic standing.
  • Libraries: Library checkout system for access to books, online catalogs and databases.
  • Narwhal Nation: Student life portal, allows you to browse and join student organizations, discover fitness classes, and on/off campus events and activities based on your interests.

Using the various software for your success! (Microsoft, Adobe)

The software library includes products that are licensed for distribution and are used by The New School student body and other eligible members. The New School negotiates with vendors to make software available at discounted prices or for FREE. Please refer to the individual websites for the most current availability and pricing and check our full list of software deals here. 

Microsoft Office 365 FREE | Current students, Faculty, and Staff

Access Office 365 applications and services, including Word, Excel, and Powerpoint, as well as One Drive storage and One Note to enhance remote co-creations. 

To download and install the software, go to portal.office.com and use your New School credentials, including the ‘@newschool.edu’ portion of the email address.

Adobe Creative Cloud FREE | Current students, Faculty, and Staff

Access a collection of software for graphic design, video editing, web development, photography, and cloud services. The software is available on university and personal devices. 

To activate your subscription, follow these step-by-step instructions. 

Google Drive FREE | Current students, Faculty, and Staff

Google Drive is a suite of web-based messaging and collaboration applications including Gmail, Calendar, Chat, Docs, Groups, Hangouts, and Sites. 

Get started by using your New School credentials, at docs.newschool.edu

On Campus Resources (and updates for Fall 2020)

Please refer back to this page for updates to on-campus regulations and guidelines for Fall 2020. 

*IMPORTANT HEALTH ADVISORY: To prevent the risk of virus transmission from building to building, individuals who reserve spaces for studio/task time in buildings outside Arnhold Hall will NOT be permitted to reserve time in the computer lab at Arnhold Hall.

General Use Equipment Center

The General Use Equipment Center, available to students and faculty of The New School, will have an in-person pick up and drop off location on the ground floor of Arnhold Hall, Room 102.

  • A reservation is required to pick up equipment.

  • A date and time to drop off equipment must also be scheduled.

  • Beginning September 14, Hours of operation: Monday to Friday 10am to 6pm

  • Please schedule equipment pick-up and drop-off by selecting “EQC - Arnhold Hall 1st Floor” at reservation.newschool.edu.

Please visit the Equipment Center website for more information about these services.

Remote Computer Lab

In addition to Apps Anywhere our virtual application service, we are now providing the Remote Computer Lab. The New School’s new Remote Labs service allows faculty and student access to select lab computers with all our standard software, remotely 24/7. Service will begin availability on August 31.

Please visit the Technology Lab website for more information.

Computer Labs

On-Site access to general use computer stations will be on the 8th floor of Arnhold Hall only. 

Each station can be reserved by one person per day. Printing will be limited to those with on-site reservations in Arnhold Hall. 

  • A reservation is required to use any of the following resources:

    • 4 Open Lab Windows PC stations

    • 11 Open Lab Mac stations

    • 8 Open Lab Audio stations without MIDI

    • 9 Audio stations, with MIDI, in rooms i805 and i806

    • Printing directly from a reserved station to B&W, Color, and the draft Plotter.

    • Drum Scanner, Large Format Scanner, or Stop Motion Capture from a reserved station.

    • NOTE: Audio/Video Suites are NOT available for reservation.

  • Beginning September 14, Hours of operation: Monday to Friday 10am to 6pm

  • Please reserve your Arnhold Hall station by selecting “Arnhold Hall 8th Floor” at reservation.newschool.edu.

Please visit the Technology Labs website for more information about these services.

Card Services 

For the Fall 2020 semester, Campus Card Services will be operating remotely and ID Cards will be printed on an as-needed basis.  

If you are not living on-campus housing or a new hire staff or faculty and need your ID card please contact Campus Card Services at newcard@newschool.edu or 646-909-4472. On-campus resident students will receive their ID card upon their check-in at their dorm.

For more information please visit www.newschool.edu/card.


Using the Official New School App (Updated for Fall 2020)

*Updated for remote learning Fall 2020!*

You can download the Official New School App for both ios and android on the app store here

If you haven’t downloaded The New School mobile app yet, what are you waiting for? The mobile app is a great organizational tool for student life because it offers one-stop access to the latest University information and services. IT is dedicated to helping improve your remote learning experience throughout the next semester by offering new and enhancing existing resources. This includes the latest updates to The New School mobile app: 

  1. The new layout allows for easier access to the most pertinent resources you will need to maximize your learning experience during Fall 2020

  2. Direct access to the most used learning tools including Canvas and Zoom

  3. Gateway to various student life resources including your: schedule, grades, student resources page, Narwhal Nation, and Starfish

  4. Check out the New Students Guide: Everything you need to know to get started and immerse yourself into The New School community

  5. University Directory: Easily search for faculty and staff and obtain their most to date contact information

The official New School mobile app is available for IOS and Android. Download Now.  

Contact IT Central for help!

IT Central is Operating Remotely
IT Central the go-to place for direct tech assistance or support and now offers extended support services that include more specialized and tailored topics like assisting with at-home WiFi issues, dedicated Zoom training, personal laptop setup, and getting started assistance. 

  1. email: itcentral@newschool.edu
  2. phone: 646.909.4357

Current Hours: 9:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m. (Mon-Thurs) | 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. (Fri)
To submit an IT Service Request, click here.