COVID-19 Adjustments

Due COVID-19, we are offering adjusted IT services that will enable a more remote work environment. Look for these yellow boxes for all temporary adjustments.

Remote Work FAQ

  1. What New School technology resources are designed to be accessed while only on campus?

    Tableau, Banner System Access, S-Drives, documents on an office computer, and Perceptive

  2. How do I access campus only technology resources remotely?

    In order to access these services off-campus you must use the Virtual Private Network (VPN). Collaboration services including GSuite and Office 365 do not require VPN and can be accessed via normal means.

  3. How can I receive work calls?

    Information Technology offers Jabber Softphone as a way to use your office phone number on another device.

  4. How can I check voicemail?

    Information Technology offers Jabber Softphone as a way to use your office phone number on another device. Jabber Softphone also provides a way to listen to voicemails.

  5. What resources do faculty have available to teach online?

    Online teaching is possible with both Canvas and Zoom web conferencing. Distributed education has created a guide for teaching online that explains how to effectively use Canvas and Zoom for teaching online.

  6. What are some best practices for effective video conferencing?

    Follow our Zoom best practices guide for effective video conferencing.

  7. Are there specific concerns when working with high-risk data remotely?

    Maintaining the security of information, whether it belongs to the university, its business partners, its students, or its employees, is a primary business objective that requires the attention of all faculty, staff, and students. Accordingly, The New School has established policies and standards governing information security

    The Standard for Handling Sensitive Information defines the minimum requirements for handling “sensitive” (Restricted and Confidential) New School information in any format.

  8. What is the best chat technology to use for New School work?

    Information Technology suggests using Google Hangouts as a way to effectively communicate via chat. You can use Google Hangouts by logging in to your New School Gmail account and following these steps. The Google Hangouts app is also available for Android and iOS devices.

  9. How can I fax from off campus?

    You can use Fax Online which is an IT service that allows you to send or receive faxes via the Internet.

  10. Is there any training for Zoom?

    You can sign up for a live training webinar on how to use it. Please note: by default all times are in Pacific Standard Time. You can change this by clicking on the time zone on the registration page.

  11. How do I prevent people ("Zoombombers") from interfering with your Zoom meetings?

    Follow these guidelines to help prevent zoombombing.


If you have any questions about the remote work technology services offered or need assistance, please email IT Central at or call 646.909.4357.