Application virtualization enables software applications that formerly needed to run on a dedicated computer in a dedicated location to now run on any type of computing device from anywhere with a network connection. With The New School's Apps Anywhere you can run applications that were formerly only available in labs, specific classrooms, or other specific locations around campus from your personal or other campus computers running different operating systems. You can also use these applications on various tablets and phones from anywhere the device is on a network.

Apps Anywhere works specifically with Windows-based applications, but now allows them to run not only on Windows-based computers, but on Macs, iPads, iPhones, and Android-based devices, from anywhere.

Getting Started 

Apps Anywhere requires a small piece of software to be installed on your device to run virtual applications. You will be prompted to install this software the first time you try to run an application from the portal on the specific device you are using. Detailed instructions can be found here: How to Setup Apps Anywhere.

Additional Info 

Some applications, due to licensing limitations, are available only from The New School campus network.