These services are unavailable due to COVID-19.

Print release stations are located near printers across campus and allow you to send files from a variety of devices to a printer type (black and white, color, or plotter) for pickup within 4 hours of submission.


Send files to print and go to a Print Release Station

Once you have sent your files via one of the various printing methods available, you should then locate the print release station near the printer you want to pick up your printed documents.


Tap or swipe your newcard

NOTE: It may be necessary to swipe twice or press the touchscreen first to wake up from screensaver.

Print Release Step 2


Select the file you want to print

NOTE: Only documents that can be printed on these printers will show up.

Print Release Steps


Tap print


Tap Log off when you are finished

NOTE: Will automatically logoff after 10 seconds idle.

Files that have not been released at a print release station within 4 hours of being sent for print will be automatically deleted.