Wireless scanning options are available to scan documents from one of the scanners located on campus directly to your personal laptop. 

Wireless scanning available at:

University Center (63 Fifth Ave) 4th floor near U426

Innovation Center (6 East 16th Street) 6th floor (Computer Lab area, near Laptop Checkout Center)

Install Wireless Scanning Software

In order to use the wireless scanners on your personal laptop, you must first install the Epson Scan Utility software:

You can also search for "Epson Expression 10000XL"


Launch Epson Scan Settings (located in Applications/Epson Software)


Select “Network” under the Connection settings


Select the “Add” button -a new window will pop up to add the scanner


Enter the IP Address at “Enter address”

Based on which location you are, type in one of the following IP addresses.

University Center (63 Fifth Ave) 4th floor U426

Innovation Center (6 East 16th Street) 6th floor (Computer Lab area, near Laptop Checkout Center)

Photo classroom (6 East 16th Street) 7th floor (room 703)


click “OK” and the window will close

Your computer is now setup to scan wirelessly from these scanners!

Scanning Wirelessly


Open the scanner cover and place your document face down

Make sure your document is aligned to the arrow mark.


Launch Epson Scan Utility

Located in Applications/Epson Software


Select “Professional Mode” under the Mode settings


Choose the appropriate color type under Image Type settings


Select “Document Table” for Document Source Settings


Click on “Preview” and the scanner will scan a preview of your document


Choose the area you want to scan from the preview and click “Scan”

A window will pop up, prompting where you want save the scanned file on your computer. 

On a PC the default is the “My Pictures” folder, Macs the default is “Documents” or “pictures”

Software Installation Disclaimer: The New School cautions you to make sure that you completely understand the potential risks before downloading any software and use of scanners. You are solely responsible for adequate protection of your personal items, and the data used in connection with the equipment. The New School and Information Technology are not liable for any damages or loss that you may suffer in using, modifying or distributing software. The New School does not sell, resell, or license any software, and The New School disclaims any responsibility and liability related to the Software. The Software is subject to United States export control laws and may be subject to export or import regulations in other countries. You are responsible for strict compliance with such laws and regulations in connection with any Software that you download and for obtaining any licenses or permits required to export, re-export or import such Software.

Content Disclaimer: The New School storage services and online backup services are provided for your convenience only; The New School does not endorse or provide support for any of the products listed, as such materials and contents saved or obtained through the medium is void of any responsibility by the institution.

Physical Loss: The New School is not responsible for lost or stolen personal property including missing or damaged files, tapes or other media. This includes scanned documents that were forgotten on the scanner during usage. Staff are not responsible for retrieving or keeping lost items. Scanned items left unoccupied for an extended period will be considered abandoned, and discarded.