Scanners for the Visually Impaired provide the ability to scan text and read it aloud. These scanner stations also provide additional accessories and software to compliment functionality.

Where are the scanners for the visually impaired located?

Scanners for the visually impaired are located at East 16th Lab (6 East 16th St.), room D1131, D1131-Scan11 for unbound pages and D1131-Scan01 for books.

When can I use the scanners for the visually impaired?

Scanners for the visually impaired are available during Lab Hours of operation

What can these specialty scanners do?

The Visually Impaired Scanners can scan text and read it aloud.

What accessories and software are available with the Scanner?

JAWS provides a speech technology that works with the system to provide access to software applications to the visually impaired. Jaws is located in applications and always should be active and showing on the desktop.

KURZWEIL is a scanning and reading software that scans in text, and reads back what has been scanned. The text can also be sent to the attached Braille printer.

Acrobat Pro can also scan text for creating pdf files.

How do I use Kurzweil?

  • Open Kurzweil 1000 on the desktop
  • For scanning multiple pages, go to Scan > Scan Repeatedly
  • For scanning one document go to Scan > Start New Scan
  • To make modifications to the Settings, click on the Settings menu
  • To save document go to File > Save and select a name and file format, the default is KES

What can I do if Kurzweil says, "Scan failed"?

Make sure the scanner you are using is selected. Go to Settings > Scanning > Scanner Source and select the same model scanner as the one attached to your station.

Does the scanner have headphones?

Users of the scanner for the visually impaired must provide their own headphones.