The Nikon Slide & Film Scanners may be used to scan negatives, slides and transparency sheets.

Where are the Nikon slide & film scanners located?

The Nikon Slide & Film Scanners are located in Arnhold Hall (55 West 13th St.) 8th Floor Lab.

When can I use the Nikon slide & film scanners?

Nikon slide & film scanners are during Lab Hours of operation.

What types of film can I scan?

The Nikon scanner can scan various film types:

  • Color negative films (35mm)
  • Color transparency films (35mm)
  • Mounted color transparencies
  • Kodachrome films
  • Black and White film negatives (35mm)
  • Duplicate color transparencies

What mounting trays are available at Arnhold Hall, 8th Floor?

  • Slide Mount Adapter MA-20(S) (Figure 1) for 35mm transparencies.
  • The Strip Film Adapter SA-21 may be used for any film strip and negatives up to 6 frames in length.

How do I scan with the Nikon slide & film scanner?

  1. If it's not on, power on the Nikon Scanner by pushing in the button located on the front of the device.

  2. Slide the scanner's slot cover down and insert either the slide mount adapter MA-20(S) or Strip film adapter SA-21. Make sure it is in all the way. The scanner detects which adapter is in use. For film strip adapter SA-21, make sure the electrical connector in the back of the adapter is firmly seated.

  3. Go to Applications > Nikon Software > Nikon Scan4.

  4. Slide one image into the center of the adapter slot. The scanner automatically scans the slide for preview.

  5. Choose your settings. For example, 35mm mounted transparency, positive or negative, and calibrated RGB if it's a color photo.

  6. Click the green Scan button to begin scanning.

  7. Save to Work In Progress.

  8. When finished scanning, remove the slide from the slide mount adapter by gently pushing the eject button located on the bottom right hand side of the adapter.

  9. Repeat steps 4 - 8 to scan the next image.

  10. When you are finished, remove the slide mount adapter by gently pulling it out from the scanner. Be sure to close the scanner cover, to prevent dirt and dust from getting in.

Where do I place my slide or film?

For scanning slides, be sure that the film adapter, as seen in Figure 1, is placed inside the scanner, then insert your slides. If you are scanning film, make sure the correct adapter is in the scanner.

At what resolution should I scan my film?

The recommended resolution is at least 300 dpi (pixels/dots per inch). You can always reduce file size later.

How do I crop?

To move the crop window, go to the keep this crop option and select your cropping dimensions. If the rest of your slides are the same, select keep this output size.

How do I get more help?

Use the Nikon Help menu.