Degree or credit-seeking students currently registered and faculty may reserve Arnhold Hall Stations online at least 3 days (72 hours) in advance

Each station can be reserved by one person per day.
The stations cannot be reserved for specific times, they can only be reserved for the start of the day to the end of the day; 10am to 6pm.

There is no penalty for checking in late or leaving early.

A reservation is required to use any of the following resources:

  • Open Lab Windows PC stations
  • Open Lab Mac stations
  • Open Lab Audio stations
  • Audio stations in rooms i805 and i806

  • You can print directly from a reserved station to B&W, Color, and the draft Plotter.
  • You can use Drum Scanner, Large Format Scanner, or Stop Motion Capture from certain stations.

These services are unavailable due to COVID-19.

  • Audio or Video suites
  • Voiceover Recording Booth, i820-Audio03, i817-Audio04 - see FAQ for reservation instructions)

Guidelines and Policies

Read carefully for successful station and suite reservations.

Access and Availability

  • Who: Access is available to all degree or credit-seeking students, based on current term enrollment.
  • How: Reserved exclusively online via MyNewSchool. Online reservation schedules are current and valid. You are welcome to use available stations and suites on a walk-in basis.
  • Required Lead Time: Ten hours to create, modify or cancel a reservation.
  • Availability: You may have only one reservation or checkout at a time. If you have an outstanding checkout or upcoming reservation, you must complete or cancel the checkout before scheduling another.
  • Reservation Length: The whole day (there is no penalty for starting your reservation late or leaving early).
  • Notification: You will receive an automatic reminder notice from the reservation system 24 hours before your reservation start time.
  • You can also view your active reservations and checkouts at any time by logging into the reservation system and selecting "Arnhold Hall 8th Floor" from the checkout centers list
  • Modifying Reservations: You may modify your reservation online up to ten hours in advance of the reservation start time. This is the only way to change your reservation.
  • Cancellations: You may delete your reservation online up to ten hours in advance of the reservation start time. This is the only way to cancel your reservation.

Reservation Start

  • You should have prior knowledge of the station or suite requested. No training is provided. To assist you, there are Tip Sheets available online and on-site.
  • Contact the staff at Arnhold Hall, 8th floor virtual reception desk to record your attendance.
  • Scanning accessories and remotes are available for check-out via the 8th floor virtual reception desk, at which time an On-Site staff will direct you to where you can retrieve the accessories and where you can return them.

Reservation End

  • You must return all in-house equipment in person 30 minutes before the lab closes at 6pm. Wait while the staff tests the equipment. This may take up to 30 minutes. After testing, the staff member and you will both initial the contract. You may request a copy for your records.
  • Any missing or damaged item is noted and investigated. If investigation determines you are clearly at fault, you will be notified to repair or replace the item(s). Until you do, you will be restricted from making reservations.

Fees and Penalties

  • Late equipment return: $20/hour or $100/day fee. Your reservation access will be restricted until all outstanding fines are resolved. Please allow two business days for processing of fine payments.
  • Damaged Equipment and Missing items: You are responsible for returning or replacing missing items, and repairing or replacing damaged equipment. Additionally, a damage fee of $50 or more may apply. Upon repairing or replacing the damaged item or paying the damage fee, your access is restored within two business days.
  • Payment: Submit payment or replacement parts directly to the Equipment Center. Fees may be paid only by personal check, money order or bank check, made payable to The New School.
  • Hold: Resolve any fee or missing or damaged item. If you do not, your reservation access is restricted, and a "hold" is placed on your university student account. A "hold" results in the withholding of grades, registration, diploma and transcript. Upon resolution, the hold will be lifted within two business days.

  I confirm that I have read and understand the guidelines and policies noted above and I fully accept the terms and conditions outlined by Learning Space Operations. I understand that I may be subject to fees if I do not follow these policies.