As a degree or credit-seeking student you have access to reserving stations and suites at The New School. Find the answers you need with this FAQ.

Only the stations are available for reservation at this location. All other services at this location are unavailable due to COVID-19.

How can I reserve an Arnhold Hall station or suite?

You can reserve a station or suite by agreeing to the guidelines and reserving a station through Web Checkout

Where are reservation stations and suites available at the New School?

Reservable stations and suites are exclusively available at Arnhold Hall 55 W 13th St, 8th flr.

What can my reservations include?

  • Specialty scanners (Check-out scanning accessories at the 8th floor reception desk with your New School ID).

  • Audio or Video suites

  • Voiceover Recording Booth (for use with i817-Audio04 - see Audio FAQ for reservation instructions)

  • Audio open lab stations

Who can reserve Arnold Hall stations and suites?

Degree or credit-seeking students currently registered.

How far in advance should I reserve a station?

At least six hours of lead time are required to create, modify or cancel a reservation. This is so a person working before you on a station has at least 6 hours to finish their session.

How long can a station or suite be reserved?

Up to six hours

Can I stay past my reservation time?

Reservation may only be made during Lab Hours. If you'd like to stay past your reservation end time, ask the reception staff to make sure there is no reservation starting after the end of yours.

When must I return all in-house equipment?

You must return all in-house equipment in person 30 minutes before the lab closes. Wait while the staff tests the equipment. This may take up to 30 minutes. After testing, the staff member and you will both initial the contract. You may request a copy for your records.

Any missing or damaged item is noted and investigated. If investigation determines you are clearly at fault, you will be notified to repair or replace the item(s). Until you do, you will be restricted from making reservations.

Is training available for station or suite reservations?

You should have prior knowledge of the station or suite requested. No training is provided. To assist you, there is workflow information available on-site.

Am I supposed to sign in to use the stations?

Yes, Present your valid New School ID, and sign in at Arnhold Hall, 8th floor reception to record your attendance.

What happens if I am late for my reservation time?

There is a 30 minute grace period past your start time. If you are more than 30 minutes late, you will forfeit your reservation and the station may be released to other users.

Are scanning accessories and remote available?

Scanning accessories and remotes are available for check-out at 8th floor reception. Pick up studio audio gear and lighting gear at the Equipment Center, 55 West 13th St, Room 921.

What should I do when checking out in-house equipment?

You are fully responsible for in-house equipment. Check all items and test them thoroughly before signing the contract. If any item is missing or problematic, alert the staff, who will replace it or make a note on the contract. No insurance is provided by the university.