The New School has partnered with VMWare to offer our students and faculty a suite of software via the VMWare Academic Program for academic and research use. VMWare is a leading provider of software used to virtualize applications and operating systems, allowing the flexibility of running this virtualized software in environments that they are not native. For instance, VMWare Fusion allows for the installation and operation of a variety of Linux based operating systems on a Mac. Similar software from VMWare allows this same flexibility on other host operating platforms.

The available software can be installed on New School or personal computers for academic or research use only. The VMWare Academic Licensing page has more information about this as well as examples of acceptable use.

Getting Started 

In order to access the VmWare software on your personal computer, login to MyNewSchool and select the Services tab. In the VMWare Academic Program channel you will find the links needed. Each product downloaded will come with a fully functional, renewable 365 day license, limited to a single license key per product, per user. Additionally, VMWare eLearning material is also available.