‘newschool-alumni’ allows New School alumni to use the wireless network while on campus for web, email, and other communications needs. It is an unencrypted wireless network.

Access is granted in seven-day increments using your NetID (user name) and password. In general, any device that natively supports 802.11 wifi networking and has a web browser application will work with the Alumni Network.

Alumni must agree to the Statement on the Responsibilities of Computer Users.



While on campus, enable wifi on your laptop or mobile device


Select ‘newschool-alumni’ wireless network


Open web browser

You will be redirected to the New School Alumni Wireless Network Authentication page.

newschool-alumni wireless network


Enter your New School NetID and password

If you don’t remember your NetID (username) or password (the credentials you use to log in to MyNewSchool), go to the Account Services page where you can look up your NetID and reset your password.

Once you’ve signed in on a device, that device will be able to use ‘newschool-alumni’ for the next seven days without your having to re-enter your NetID and password. If you require access for more than seven days, simply repeat the steps above for an additional seven days of access while on campus after your previous seven day period has passed.