You can access a Swivel PINsafe code via a mobile device as an added security measure to protect certain information resources.

Installing & Provisioning "Swivel Mobile"

To obtain Swivel one-time codes from a mobile device, you must install the “Swivel Mobile” client application from your mobile device’s app store.

Some app stores also have an older version of the app, called simply “Swivel.” This app is not compatible with our installation, and should not be used.


Download and install the app on your mobile device


Use your web browser to visit the user portal


Log in with your NetID and password


Click on "Mobile Provisioning"


Click on “Send code via e-mail”

You will receive an email from the IT Central, Open it on your desktop computer to display the provisioning QR Code.


Open the app on your phone to see button labeled "Scan QR Code”

If you do not see the button, tap on the hammer-and-wrench icon at the bottom of the screen, then tap “Help,” then tap “About.”


Scan the QR code you received in the email

You may re-provision your mobile device, or provision a new one, at any time. You may only have one mobile device provisioned at a time.

Using "Swivel Mobile"

Once you have installed and provisioned the Swivel Mobile app, the app will display a new Security String each time it is opened, as shown below:




Use your Swivel PINsafe PIN to determine your one-time code

Use your Swivel PINsafe PIN to determine your one-time code from the first ten digits of the Security String.


Enter the one-time code and the last two digits of the Security String into the application

Using the example above, if your Swivel PINsafe PIN was 3759 you would enter 437612 into the application.

When you initially provision (or re-provision) the app, it will download 99 Security Strings. Each time you open the app, the next string will be displayed. You can also use the arrow buttons to move forward or backward through the list (although it’s recommended that you use the strings in order). Each string may only be used once. When you run out of strings (or at any other time), you can get another set of 99 by tapping the cloud-shaped icon in the center bottom of the screen. Your mobile device must be connected to a network during provisioning and to download more codes, but it does not require network connectivity to provide a Security String from its current list.

Changing or Resetting your PIN


Go to Swivel User Portal


Enter your NetID and click “Submit”


Choose “Change PIN” or “Reset PIN” from the menu on the left


Follow the instructions