Any employee who wishes to take home their New School office technology off campus should work with their respective deans or senior administrators to get permission to do so. It is up to the employee and their department to make arrangements for transportation of this equipment if this is necessary. IT Central will not be able to help with disconnecting any equipment under these circumstances.

Each department is responsible for approving and monitoring the removal of any equipment from the office to be used at home for remote work. Senior administrators have the ability to authorize removal of technical university office equipment by employees, and this must be managed locally by the department. All technology removed from an office on-campus should be tracked by the department's administration to ensure that these university assets' whereabouts are known and the departments will be responsible for the return of the equipment to the university.

If desktop computers from an office are being considered for home use, please keep in mind that they are configured to work in our enterprise environment. Almost all office computers running Microsoft Windows ARE NOT capable of being connected to any wifi network. These computers will require an Ethernet connection to a home network router and must be tethered to that router with an Ethernet cable or the purchase of a USB WiFi Adaptor. Please reach out to IT Central at to ascertain whether certain considerations should be made in order for the computer to work well in the home environment.

Keep in mind that if a desktop computer will be used to participate in online meetings and collaborations, you may need a webcam, speakers, and microphone, or a headset. Computer peripherals and other business-related items for remote working and teaching can be ordered through MyNewSource and delivered to the employees home address. Contact Procurement at with questions.