What is Academic Technology & Client Services?

If you are a New School student, faculty, or staff, chances are you have come across the IT support provided by Academic Technology & Client Services. That's right...we're everywhere...and that's a good thing!

The New School prides itself on being technologically forward and the service support provided by Academic Technology & Client Services reflects that. The New School has advanced digital classrooms utilizing the latest audio and video technology and full software application suites for vendors such as Adobe, Microsoft, and Avid. Additionally, there are a number of highly specialized technology classrooms across campus including, collaborative spaces, telepresence lecture rooms, voice over booth and classroom recording.  

These technology spaces offer a wide range of technology facilities including:

  • Advanced Video and Audio
  • 2D & 3D Modeling & Animation
  • Research & Statistics
  • MS Office software and hardware
  • Private editing suites and recording studio spaces with microphones and lighting gear
  • Specialty scanners (oversized, slide, film, & drum)
  • Graphic, modeling & fashion design applications.

We also partner with our Schools to assist in supporting their departmental facilities, most recently the Innovation Center and the Making Center.

New School students, faculty, or staff needing IT support in classrooms, labs, and offices, or internal and external partners needing venue leasing support can look to Academic Technology & Client Services for action. Basically, we are your front end support, making IT easy for you. 

Academic Technology & Client Services Departments

IT Central - IT Central is the University’s Information Technology Service Desk.  They are the IT forefront providing technical support via the ticketing system, phone, in the classroom or office, and in the IT Central hub located at 72 5th Avenue, lower level. Service requests are received and resolved on the spot or are escalated to our level 2 or level 3 support. Requests range from creating an account for a service to reporting an issue with technology. Relationship managers provide that extra support to our community, handling cases that require that extra attention.

Campus Card Services - Campus Card Services provides ID cards for all members of the New School community. These cards are used for building access, food service and many other support activities at the New School. This team also works to reach out to local vendors to provide discount pricing to our students.

Learning Space Operations - Whether you see a computer in a classroom, presentation technology in a conference room or printing in the hallway, Learning Space Operations supports it. Learning Space provides first level support for the technology in the public labs and classrooms. The Collaborative Technology team in LSO provides the third level technical support for instructional spaces as well as maintains, designs and updates the equipment and the software used in these locations throughout campus. This team also works with the Buildings office to provide technical guidance with regards to new designs and implementation.

EQC - The Equipment Center at Arnhold Hall provides faculty and all credit or degree-seeking students with photography, video, audio, and lighting equipment. Students and faculty can rent equipment by walk-in checkout without a reservation for up to 48 hours, or make a reservation online for up to 4 days via MyNewSchool. 

Events IT – Events IT provides equipment and technical assistance to faculty and administrators presenting media in classrooms, conferences and meetings, and technical support for staging events in auditoriums other event spaces.