Dan OConnell

What is Enterprise Applications & Business Intelligence?

Enterprise Applications and Business Intelligence exists to help sustain your data needs throughout the New School. We ensure the data that is used by the New School systems is packaged and handled without security leaks. We also provide advice in the development and implementation of data driven software tools to ensure that your department doesn’t have to swim against tides of overflowing data.  Although we primarily work with administrative departments, the work we do has an impact on the students, faculty and staff throughout the university.

The data-driven applications we work with are quite numerous and each solution fits an identified need. These range from ensuring the system used for online classrooms has the correct classes and students assigned, to helping make sure people can purchase lunch using their Dining Dollars, to registering for classes online and assisting with international students and scholars. There is almost no part of the university that we do not provide the information needed to produce better services.  

Enterprise Applications & Business Intelligence Departments

Business Analysis - we have a team of analysts that will work with your department to fully understand the scope of work which we will then translate into specifications for our programming teams.

Solutions Development - when a software application needs data from our university-wide systems the programmers in our solutions team will build the transport service to transfer the data.  They will work with the business analysts and your department to fully test the data transport before it is in use.

Data Warehoused Intelligence - A data warehouse holds large sets of data which enable long term analysis to be presented through our reporting tools. Our reporting tools can be designed to visualize huge amounts of data so that tactical and strategic decisions can be made without wading through the raw data.