Dan OConnell

What is Enterprise Applications & Business Intelligence?

Enterprise Applications and Business Intelligence group ensures that systems are always available and serve the University community. We partner with with our constituents in the selection, development, and implementation of data driven software. We serve all areas of the University including students, faculty, and staff.

The applications we support are vast and have a wide range of uses. These range from systems used for online classrooms, dining, international students, and many others. There is almost no part of the university that we do not support to produce better services.  

Enterprise Applications & Business Intelligence Departments

Business Analysis - Our team of analysts will work with your department to fully understand the requirements and scope of work and translate those requirements into a technical solution.

Solutions Development - Our highly competent development team works alongside our business analysts to ensure that the appropriate solution is developed and deployed.

Data Management and Analytics - Our data management and analytics team manages our data warehouse and analytics tools which enable great amounts of insight to the university community.