Innovation. Partnership. Technology Foundation.

We are not your traditional IT department that simply provides typical services. Here at the New School, IT is moving away from this and is focusing its efforts to becoming a partner with the business units, being their guiding hand through challenges, innovation, and opportunities. This way we walk side by side with the New School community, understanding the needs and identifying the technology that will promote your success.


Our vision is to become a leader in the field of IT, developing the models and frameworks that can be leveraged by other universities world-wide. We realize that the world of education is evolving and technology is that guiding force.


Technology should enable the New School community to reach the next level while at the same time be influenced by the needs of community. Technology does not drive you, you drive technology.


Our strategy is very simple and is based on the five principles of IT. First, we ensure that the technological foundation of the university is solid. Without this solid foundation, the New School would not be able to be as innovative as it is. Second, we ensure that innovation can flourish at the New School. This means we are constantly looking for ways that our technology and services can aid in your discoveries and transformations. Finally, we establish a strategic partnership with the New School community. We want the New School students, faculty, and staff to think of us first when they are in need of guidance with new initiatives. We will work with you to get your initiatives off the ground, making the New School as innovative as ever.