Welcome to The New School!

Welcome to the start of the new school year! This helpful Information Technology (IT) resource guide outlines the necessary steps and tools you need to support your work and studies, connect and collaborate with classmates, faculty, and staff, and make the most of your New School experience. 

 **IMPORTANT NOTE: Availability and access of all on-campus services and support remain dependent on the university’s guidance and based on the health and safety of our community. Please refer to the IT website for updates on IT service availability and the Covid-19 community guide for university-wide updates.

Find Your NetID & Password

Your NetID and associated password give you access to various New School services listed in this guide. 

To find your NetID &/or change password, go to account.newschool.edu and follow the prompt. 

  • Your NetID acts as your username and, for most students, looks something like this: “ParsJ123” (combination of partial last name, first name initial, and the last 3-digits of your N-Number, the 9-digit number starting with an “N” assigned to you as your student ID.)

  • Your NetID is used to create your default New School Email address 

    • Example: ParsJ123@newschool.edu 

    • Allows access to MyNewSchool, Canvas, Zoom, Adobe Creative Cloud Apps, Google Apps, Office 365, and many other online and on-campus services.

Important Note: 

  • Your NetID password expires every 180 days.
  • If you miss the “change password” prompts from MyNewSchool or your New School email, you can always change/reset your password on the Account Services page.

Make Sure You Have a New School ID

New School ID cards are required to access all campus facilities. 

  • New students who have never had a New School ID card must first upload their ID photo at idphoto.newschool.edu before arriving on campus. 

  • Current students, faculty, and staff should confirm that their New School ID card is in their possession. 

If you do not have a New School ID card, please email Campus Card Services immediately at newcard@newschool.edu or call 646-909-4472.

Card Distribution:

  • On-campus resident students will receive their ID card upon their check-in at their dorm. 
  • For all other students, New School ID cards are distributed in the University Center (63 Fifth Avenue), second floor at the entrance of the Dining Commons

Log in to Your New School Email & other Google Apps

The New School provides email accounts for the community as part of New School G Suite by Google. To log into your email, use your NetID & password at mail.newschool.edu

In addition to Gmail, you also receive various other Google Apps, including Calendar, Chat, Docs, Groups, Hangouts, and Sites.

Access MyNewSchool and other Academic Software

MyNewSchool is the university's main web portal where you can access a variety of academic, work, and student life services, including: 

  • Registering for classes

  • Viewing your grades

  • Access to financial aid documents

  • Making payments online

How to Access MyNewSchool

Log In: You can log into MyNewSchool at my.newschool.edu with your NetID and password. 

Reset Password: If you cannot log into MyNewSchool, please go to account.newschool.edu and reset your password. We suggest logging into MyNewSchool as soon as possible to ensure you have access to other available tools and software. 

The Apps Locker 
You can find the Apps Locker in the upper right-hand corner of MyNewSchool. The Apps Locker provides you quick access to many university services, including but not limited to: 

  • Zoom: Main conferencing software. Go to your FREE account at newschool.zoom.us

  • Canvas: Learning management system, through which you receive all communications regarding course work, obtain assignments, collaborate on projects, participate in discussions, etc.

  • Starfish: University-wide appointment platform, allows students to easily request help, receive follow-up, and schedule appointments to discuss questions or concerns with faculty, staff, and advisors.

  • HireNew: Online jobs board to search for jobs, access career resources, and discover career development opportunities.

  • DegreeWorks: Degree tracking system allows you to review progress towards degree completion, review required courses, electives, and academic standing.

  • Libraries: Library checkout system for access to books, online catalogs, and databases.

  • Narwhal Nation: Student life portal allows you to browse and join student organizations, discover fitness classes, and explore on/off-campus events and activities based on your interests.

The Apps mentioned above can be accessed via The New School Mobile App.

The New School Official Mobile App

The New School official mobile app offers the latest University information and services that you use daily as a member of our community. The app is available through the App Store and on Google Play and can be downloaded here.

Check out Available Software Deals

Check out our full list of free and discounted software deals here.

The software library includes licensed products for distribution and are used by The New School student body and other eligible members. The New School negotiates with vendors to make software available at discounted prices or for FREE. Please refer to the individual websites for the most current availability and pricing here. 

Microsoft Office 365 FREE | Current students, faculty, and staff
Access Office 365 applications and services, including Word, Excel, and Powerpoint, as well as One Drive storage and One Note to enhance remote co-creations. 

To download and install the software, go to portal.office.com and use your New School credentials, including the ‘@newschool.edu’ portion of the email address.

Adobe Creative Cloud FREE | Current students, faculty, and staff
Access a collection of software for graphic design, video editing, web development, photography, and cloud services. The software is available on university and personal devices. 

To activate your subscription, follow these step-by-step instructions here. 

Google Drive FREE | Current students, faculty, and staff
Google Drive is a suite of web-based messaging and collaboration applications including Gmail, Calendar, Chat, Docs, Groups, Hangouts, and Sites. 

Get started by using your New School credentials at docs.newschool.edu.

Get to know the EQC & Technology Labs

General Use Equipment Center 
The General Use Equipment Center (EQC) at 55 W 13th Street, room 921, is available to degree-seeking students and faculty of The New School and offers reservation and checkout of audio and video production equipment for field and studio use. 

Please refer to the Equipment Center Kit Details for a list of available field and studio production equipment.

You will need to fill out the online contract at least 48 hours before making your first reservation. This contract will need to be signed once per academic year, which means returning students must also fill out the contract for this upcoming year. 

Once the EQC grants your access, you will be able to make equipment reservations in Web Checkout.

For more information about EQC services and hours of operation, please visit the Equipment Center website. All EQC questions can be sent directly to eqc@newschool.edu. 

Technology Labs  
Technology labs are available across campus to provide Mac and Windows computers for New School degree-seeking students. These technology labs offer a wide range of tech facilities, including advanced video, audio, 2D & 3D modeling & animation, research & statistics, and MS Office software and hardware. 

Private editing suites and recording studio spaces with microphones and lighting gear, specialty scanners (oversized, slide, film, & drum), and graphic, modeling & fashion design applications are also available.

No reservations are needed to access open technology lab spaces, but private editing suites and recording studios in Arnhold Hall must be reserved via Web Checkout

Please visit the Technology Labs website for more information about these services.

Short-term Laptop Rentals
Wave your ID card and enter your password at one of our self-service kiosks to rent a laptop. The 5th fl of the University Center (UC) has Windows computers; the Vera List Center (6 E 16th St, 6th fl) has Macs, and Arnhold Hall (55 W 13th St, 9th Fl) has both.

Connecting to the New School WiFi

When arriving on campus, one of the first things you’ll want to do is connect to the New School WiFi. 

Connecting to Newschool WiFi
Students can gain wifi access on campus by selecting the “newschool” network from their device and entering their NetID and password when prompted.

Returning students who are unable to connect to the newschool wifi network may need to update their passwords if they have been changed since last year. To do so, disconnect from the newschool network on your device (you may have to forget the network as well) and re-select the network to be prompted to enter your NetID and updated password. If you continue to have issues, you may need to reset your password at account.newschool.edu.

More information about WiFi networks available on campus, including dorm wifi access, can be found here.

Get Help from IT Central

IT Central is the go-to place for direct tech assistance or support.  

Contact IT Central for assistance:
Call: 646.909.4357
Send us an email: itcentral@newschool.edu

Please note: Zoom Support Hotline services will transition to IT Central. Please use the contact information above to receive Zoom support.  

Or stop by our helpdesk starting August 30 from 10 am-4 pm Monday through Friday in the University Center (UC) 2nd floor right by the main stairs from the lobby.*