Laptop printing is available on all printers that have an IT QR code. The laptop printing software is available for download so that you may enable your personal laptop to print using the Print Points Allocation associated with your NetID.

Getting Started 

Make sure your laptops meet the system requirements.
Download the Laptop Printing Software that matches your laptop.
Follow the install instructions.

Please make sure you review the Printing Sofware Use Policy Terms of use, before you download and install the Printing Software.

Additional Info 
    • You need to log on to the campus wireless network 'newschool' to print.
    • System Requirements:

      • Windows 10 and higher
      • Mac OS X 10.14 (Mojave) and higher.
      • Earlier versions of Windows and Mac OS are not supported and will not be able to print through the wireless network.
    • Use the Technology Finder on the New School App to find the printer closest to your location.