Jabber Softphone is a service that allows you to use your New School phone number to make and receive calls on your laptop, desktop computer, smartphone, and/or tablet. This service enables a more agile work environment as it allows you to use your New School phone number from any device without sharing your personal contact information, set your availability, and easily find and see the availability of other New School employees in the New School directory.

Getting Started 

Jabber Softphone is a by request service only. Please fill out this Jabber request form to have your account set up by IT Central.

Once you are notified that a Jabber account has been created for you, download the Jabber application to start using.  

Additional Info 
  • Jabber applications are available for download on iPhone and Android devices.
  • Please contact IT Central to have Jabber downloaded on university provisioned computers. 
  • Reference Guides: