Security services are offered to provide students, faculty, and staff with up-to-date tools and information to protect their own computers and information and to ensure that the sensitive business information used by the university (including student education records, employee personal information, and more) is properly safeguarded. 

Were you looking for the Department of Campus Security? Their website is located at newschool.edu/campus-safety.


2-Step Login 2-Step Login provides an additional layer of security for certain university information and resources.
Free Antivirus Software (Symantec) Download Symantec Endpoint Protection antivirus software for free.
Information Security Handbook Information to help students, faculty, and staff understand the complexities of computer and information security.
Information Security Policies and Standards Learn how to comply with the New School Information Security Policy and Acceptable Use Policy.
Secure File Transfer (SendFiles) Send "Restricted" or "Confidential" information from one person or department to another within or outside the university.
Two-Factor Authentication (Swivel PINsafe) Additional security measure to protect certain information resources.
Virtual Private Network (VPN) Secure access to internal computer systems from off campus.