Maintaining the security of information, whether it belongs to the university, its business partners, its students, or its employees, is a primary business objective that requires the attention of all faculty, staff, and students. Accordingly, The New School has established policies and standards governing information security.

Getting Started 
  • The New School Information Security Policy establishes the New School Information Security Program, grants the authority and responsibility for operating the program, establishes categories of information and their protection requirements, and assigns roles and responsibilities for implementing and complying with those requirements.
    • The information classification section of the security policy is also available as a separate document.
  • The New School Acceptable Use Policy is an integral part of the New School Information Security Program and applies to all users of New School information technology (IT) resources, whether affiliated with the university or not, and to all uses of those resources, whether on campus or from remote locations.
  • The two policies above are summarized in the one-page Statement on the Responsibilities of Computer Users, which is provided to all new students and new employees.
  • The Standard for Handling Sensitive Information defines the minimum requirements for handling “sensitive” (Restricted and Confidential) New School information in any format.
Additional Info 
  • Policies and procedures maintained by other offices of the university that may have information security and/or privacy implications: