COVID-19 Adjustments

The program was designed to provide full time faculty and staff with one computer only, a Windows or Apple laptop. Desktops were to be replaced by the laptop according to the age of the computer. The laptop program will be funded with university capital funds. Starting this upcoming fiscal year, we will begin the program with these changes:

First consideration for a laptop from this program will be for full time faculty and staff who are:

  1. Using personal computing equipment to accomplish New School work because they do not have an assigned university-owned laptop.
  2. Struggling to do their work remotely because the laptop they have is outdated or does not have needed functionality.

For the above scenarios, IT Central will consult with full time faculty and staff, or departmental liaison. The consultation will provide an opportunity to determine which of the following options will best meet the needs of each member:

  1. If either of the standard laptops will meet the requirements of their responsibilities.
  2. If they have a high powered desktop at the office, determining whether they will be able to remote into this desktop seamlessly via the standard laptop.
  3. If it would be preferable to use a desktop computer from their office at home.

The Laptop Choice program provides all full-time faculty and staff with one computer (only). The computer is a choice of a Mac or a PC laptop providing access to a seamless digital workspace.

Laptops are a more agile, sustainable, and cost-effective solution that provides an integrated seamless digital workspace for a more collaborative workforce. Learn more about the program here.

Getting Started 

Please email IT Central at itcentral@newschool.edu for a consultation.

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