As a New School faculty or staff member with access to a New School telephone, you will have the ability to set up a voicemail account.

Once set up, you can choose whether to have your voicemail delivered only to your telephone or to your telephone and your New School email as a WAV file attachment. By default, your voicemail is delivered only to your phone. To change this preference, log into MyNewSchool, navigate to the Services tab, and select the “Choose Delivery Preference” button in the “Voicemail to Email Options” section of the page.

Getting Started 

To use the voicemail service you must first set it up.

  1. Call extension 7000 from your office phone.
  2. Enter your PIN
    • The default PIN is 12345#. You will be prompted to change it during the initial setup.
  3. Follow system instructions for the following:
    • Record your name.
    • Set a new password.
    • Record your greeting.