There are several types of printer formats available: black and white printing, color printing and plotter printing. You may print using your NetID username and password.

Getting Started 

Degree/credit-seeking students registered for the current academic term, Summer Intensive students, faculty, and staff receive the following print points indicated below.  

Open Campus/Non-credit students and Alumni may purchase a print card in any of the campus libraries to print.

Print Points / Semester






5 (per year)


Degree-seeking Students are given Allocated Print Points:

  • At the start of the semester enrolled students are given up to 150 Allocated Print Points.
  • Unused Allocated Print Points carry over between semesters.
  • Students are able to carry a maximum of 300 Allocated Print Points.
  • Allocated Print Points carry no monetary value and are not sourced from your tuition and fees.  

Degree-seeking Students,  Faculty and Staff can buy Purchased Print Points:

  • Purchased Print Points are bought in My NewSchool in increments from $5.00 to $100.00.  
  • There is no limit of Purchased Print Points for academic purposes. 
  • All unused Purchased Print Points carry over between semesters.

Graduating Students:

  • Purchased Print Points and Allocated Print Points will expire upon conferral of degree.  
  • Purchased Print Points are not eligible to be refunded.
  • Students should, therefore, use caution when buying Purchased Print Points.

You can find printer types and locations here.

Additional Info 
  • Download the Printing Tipsheet for detailed information about printing on campus, print points, and printer locations.
  • Print anywhere means you can print from any computer or mobile device on or off campus for basic black and white and color printing. Our service offerings support a variety of methods including file submission via mobile, web, and email interfaces.
  • Wireless printing is available on select printers across campus. The wireless printing software is available for download so that you may enable your personal laptop to print using the print points allocation associated with your NetID.
  • For print output problems please fill out the Report a Problem: Print Output form.