The Drop Box is a New School server where you can temporarily store files, as you move around from one technology lab computer to another. The Drop Box is temporary with all files automatically deleted daily at 11:50 a.m., without exception. 

Note: The New School Drop Box is not affiliated with or connected to the online service Dropbox or Dropbox.com 

Getting Started 

While on a technology lab computer, upload your files to the Drop Box and then copy the files down to another lab computer to work on them.

Additional Info 
  • Keep in mind others have access to files in the Drop Box, so for basic security do not put personal information there.
  • Do not open files directly from the Drop Box, copy the file to the Work In Progress then open it from there.
  • You can move or copy files into the Drop Box but you cannot delete files in the Drop Box.
  • You cannot change names of files or folders in the Drop Box.