1. Initiate: 

In this stage of the life cycle, the request will move through the Project Initiation Process. It starts with a requestor submitting a project request. Once submitted, a Project Initiation meeting will be scheduled by the IT PMO to evaluate and determine the size and complexity of the project. 

At the conclusion of the review, you will be contacted by the IT PMO to discuss next steps (including the possibility of needing to present to our IT Project Governance Committee) for acceptance determination. If the request is approved it will then be scheduled and prioritized against other active projects, work, and availability of resources. 

For more information on the project governance process please refer to: Project Governance

2. Plan: 

The planning phase is an important step in the project as it will ensure all granular details are worked out. Details such as the work breakdown structure, project schedule, testing plan, assumptions, risks, constraints, and dependencies.

In this phase project resources on medium and large projects will work on the completion of a Project Charter that will detail all of these specifics and ensure agreement/signoff with the core resources.

3. Execute: 

The execution phase is where the work occurs, change requests (if necessary), identification/management of issues, User Acceptance Testing (UAT), and Deliverables review and approval. 

4. Closure: 

The closure phase is where the project goals are reached and a review of successes and failures during the project. A post implementation report will be developed and lessons learned discussion will be scheduled to review.