As part of the Google storage changes, Information Technology is reducing the university's storage footprint by removing files and data of individuals who are no longer active at the university. This process begins on January 2, 2024, with the deletion of all Drive files owned by alumni who have no other active roles at the university. It's important to note that this excludes Gmail, as alumni retain access to Gmail as long as they log into their New School email at least once every six months.


Information Technology is unable to grant Google Drive access extensions to alumni who graduated before May 2023.

The removal of Alumni-only Drive files represents a significant measure in managing the university's overall Google storage consumption, given that the alumni population currently utilizes 45% of the university's total storage. The deletion of alumni-only Drive files will occur in two phases.

Phase 1
January 2024 - All alumni-only Drive files that are not shared with others will be deleted.

Phase 2
February 2024 - Remaining alumni-only Drive files, including those shared with others in the university, will be deleted.

Further communications will be provided as we continue the university's cleanup efforts. If you have any questions, please contact IT Central at itcentral@newschool.edu.