On April 11, we announced that Information Technology has initiated the process of cleaning out Google accounts belonging to individuals who are no longer active with the university. While phase one of this cleanup effort is currently underway, we will be extending the start of phase two to July 1, 2024 to provide more time for faculty and staff to take action to retain impacted files.

If you have files shared with you by individuals who are no longer part of the university, these files will be permanently deleted unless you take the necessary steps to save them to your account or a Google shared drive account.

To ensure the safety of your files and shared materials, we urge you to review the guidance provided in the links below. These resources will outline the specific steps you need to take to safeguard any shared files before the cleanup process begins in July.

For assistance with your file review and to learn more about the cleanup process, join one of our upcoming Google Cleanup webinars. Additionally, you can reach out to IT Central at itcentral@newschool.edu to schedule a personalized consultation for your department or team.