Dear Students, Faculty, and Staff members,

We want to inform you of some significant updates to Google that will impact The New School community. Google has announced that they will no longer be offering unlimited storage to their higher education customers. 

New School students, faculty, staff, and alumni have accumulated over 900 terabytes of data at Google, including but not limited to emails, documents, and video content. Google’s newly imposed licensing terms will have absolute limits on the amount of storage offered, which means we’ll collectively have to reduce our storage footprint by more than two-thirds. 

At this time, you are not required to change how you use Google. Please note, however, that changes to storage utilization will be required as we approach Google’s deadline (see details below).

Planning and Next Steps

To minimize the impact on the community, we, along with many peer institutions, have been working with Google regarding their new storage limits and were recently provided a December 2022 deadline extension. We’re now working to extend the deadline to July 2024.

As a clear action plan will be necessary in advance of the deadline, IT has begun vital discussions with Student, Faculty, and Staff Senates and will continue coordinating with key university constituents on storage quotas, data retention and deletion, content migration, implementation timelines, and other essential components of this process.

Support and Guidance

In the coming months, IT will share additional details and updates via email and the IT website and host info sessions to answer questions and address concerns.

You can also visit the IT website to learn more about preparing for these changes.

We understand that this transition will impact all students, staff, faculty, and alumni and want to ensure the community that IT will provide the necessary guidance. We also want to thank everyone for their cooperation and collaboration as we collectively work through these changes.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact IT Central at itcentral@newschool.edu.