Proper password selection and maintenance is vital to the security of the Oracle database. Selecting a password that is not easy for others to guess or decrypt is one important component of this security. Equally important is that your password is carefully guarded after it is selected so that others do not have access to it.

The following guidelines should be followed to ensure that your password is properly chosen and that it is protected after its selection.

  • Passwords should be at least 6 characters long and include at least 1 character, 1 special character and 1 numeric. Special characters are as follows: !%+:?_  Do not use an easy to guess password such as one containing your name, a relative’s name, a pet’s name or any other word that is easily associated with you. Common names, places, and words are also easy for password cracking programs to decrypt.
  • Oracle passwords expire every 90 days. Two weeks before your Oracle password expires you will receive an Email from “Banner Help” reminding you that your password will expire. We recommend you change your password soon after receiving the first of these emails to avoid any issues, rather than waiting for your password to actually expire.
  • Do not disclose your password to others, either in person, by phone or via other electronic transmission. Every individual must use their own unique username and password combination to access the system.
  • Do not write your password down and leave it unsecured.
  • Do not leave a session that you are logged onto unattended. Always log off from your session if you plan to leave it - even momentarily.
  • If you suspect that anyone has gained access to your password, change it immediately and report your suspicions to the Office of Information Technology as soon as possible.

Changing Your Password

To reset your Oracle user account password you will need to log into Banner 9 (production NSPB from here: and navigate to the page “GUAPSWD” Oracle Password Change Form.

The GUAPSWD form requires you to enter your original Oracle password, followed by your new password. Enter your current Banner password in the field marked “Oracle Password”. Leave the field entitled “Database” blank. Then enter your new password into the fields named “New Oracle Password” and “Verify Password”. When finished, select the “SAVE” button to change your password and close this form. Your new password will be in effect immediately after selecting the “SAVE” button.