Frequently Asked Questions about The New School Drop Box temporary networked storage.

What is Drop Box?

The Drop Box is a New School server where you can temporarily store files, as you move around from one station to another. The Drop Box is temporary with all files automatically deleted daily at 11:50am, without exception. 

You upload your files to the Drop Box, and then copy the files down to another station to work on them. Keep in mind others have access to files in the Drop Box, so for basic security do not put personal information there. Do not open files directly from the Drop Box, copy the file to the Work In Progress then open it from there. You can move or copy files into the Drop Box but you cannot delete files in the Drop Box. You cannot change names of files or folders in the Drop Box. 

Note that the New School Drop Box is not affiliated with or connected to the online service Dropbox or

What is the secure Drop Box?

The Secure Drop Box is your personal file depository. Files put in the Secure Drop Box are available only to the user who is logged into the station. To access your secure drop box, be sure to logoff and log back in with your NetID username. Otherwise, it works the same as the regular Drop Box. Secure Drop Box is available to degree and credit-seeking students, faculty and staff. Be aware the classroom stations auto-login as default user "newschool," so be careful not to deposit files there by mistake. However, if you do, you can always access the files by logging back in as username: newschool, no password (leave field blank).

How long can I keep files in the Drop Box or secure Drop Box?

The Drop Box and the Secure Drop Box are automatically erased every day at 11:50am. Be sure to copy files you may need from it before that time.

How can instructors share files with students over the course of the term?

Use file sharing in the Canvas environment at MyNewSchool.

How do I access the Drop Box?

To access the Drop Box: On a Mac, go to the Dock's Apple menu > Drop Box. On a PC, go to the Windows Start menu > Drop Box. The Drop Box icon will appear on the Desktop for Macs or under My Computer for Windows PCs.

Why is there an ‘Access is Denied’ error when I try to change my files in Drop Box?

Files and folders in the Drop Box cannot be modified. This means that you can neither rename a file or folder nor can you delete a file in the Drop Box. You cannot replace an old item with a new item of the same name. Change filenames while the file is still in Work In Progress.