Have questions about the Laptop Choice program? Check out these frequently asked questions.

What is the Laptop Choice program?

Laptop Choice is a Computer Lifecycle Replenishment Program for full-time faculty and staff. In concept, it’s a very simple program. The Laptop Choice program provides each full-time faculty and staff member with one computer (only)-a Windows or Mac laptop.

How does the Laptop Choice program work?

The program was originally conceived with these key features (read further for changes related to COVID-19):

  • One computer only, a laptop, per full-time faculty and staff member 

  • An individual can choose a PC or Mac laptop of comparable performance

  • PC laptops are replaced every 4 years/Mac every 5 years (48 and 60 months)

  • Desktops are replaced as they age into the program (not a “big bang” program)

  • Program is funded as part of the university's annual capital budget

  • To begin FY21 (July 1, 2020)

  • Click here for more information about the Laptop Choice Program Policies

One other item of importance: this program is designed to be flexible and agile. As our technology ecosystem changes, so may this program and the offerings.

What are the goals of the program?

  • Agility: Provide laptops with integrated components (camera, speakers, etc.) that can easily go anywhere and support remote work/modern work environment
  • Collaboration: Enable faculty and staff to seamlessly engage in online collaborative work activities, meetings, and teaching and learning
  • Sustainability: Laptops that use less power and reduce eWaste compared with desktop computers
  • Cost Savings/Financial Planning: Providing only one computer per person reduces costs in the longer term. Better fiscal planning with a documented replacement cycle

What is included in the program?

When and if the program resumes as originally intended post-COVID-19, there is what was to be included:

  • Standard Laptop

  • Branded sleeve

  • Lock to keep the computer physically safe

  • Dongle to connect monitors and accessories (if needed)
  • 3-year warranty

NOTE: extra monitors, keyboards, mice, and other accessories are not included. Many of us already have some of these items which may be used with your laptop. Otherwise, they may be purchased with departmental funds.

How has the program changed due to COVID-19?

The program was designed to provide full-time faculty and staff with one computer only, a Windows or Apple laptop. Desktops were to be replaced by the laptop according to the age of the computer. The laptop program will be funded by university capital funds. Starting this fiscal year (July 1, 2020), we will begin the program with these changes:

The first consideration for a laptop from this program will be for full-time faculty and staff who are:

  1. Using personal computing equipment to accomplish New School work because they do not have an assigned university-owned laptop.

  2. Struggling to do their work remotely because the laptop they have is outdated or does not have needed functionality.

For the above scenarios, IT Central will consult with full-time faculty and staff, or departmental liaison. The consultation will provide an opportunity to determine which of the following options will best meet the needs of each member:

  1. Which of the standard laptops will meet the requirements of their responsibilities.

  2. If the faculty or staff member has a high powered desktop at the office, determining whether they will be able to remote into this desktop seamlessly via the standard laptop.

  3. If it would be preferable to use a desktop computer from their office at home.

My computer is really old! How do I get my new laptop?

IT Central and the department Liaison will communicate which computers will be up for a replacement for the upcoming year.

Candidates will receive a chance to inform both their department and IT Central about their platform preferences.

What is the buy-back program?

Current computers (Laptop or Desktops) are not eligible for buyback.

Different departments are looking into enabling a buy back program for computers that enter the Laptop Choice program this year, which means these computers may be eligible in 2024 or 2025 respectively if a buyback program is approved.

At this point in time, we have some TNS devices in use that are over 6 or 7 years old. These computers need to be taken out of commission due to security reasons. 

(During lock-down) If you have received a new laptop doing this time and were using a TNS device, please hold onto the prior device until the university can complete the decommission process once again.

What is a standard laptop?

Faculty and staff can choose between a standard Mac or Windows computer. Click here to see the comparison sheet.

What if the standard laptop does not fit my needs?

If the standard laptop options do not fit your needs your departmental liaison will notify IT Central and a consultation process will occur.