Learn how to connect your Apple Mac to a Network Drive.


With your Mac connected to the the New School network, choose “Connect to Server…” from the Finder’s “Go” menu (⌘K).


In the “Connect to Server” dialog box that appears, type “cifs://tnsfiles.tns.newschool.edu” (no quotes) then click “Connect.”

Note: Use CIFS, not AFP or SMB, to connect your Mac to the file server.


Keeping the radio button selected as “Registered User”, enter your NetID and password.

If you want to connect automatically without having to enter your credentials again, click the box next to “Remember this password in my keychain”. You will need to update your keychain when you change your password.

Click the “Connect” button. 


“Home” and/or “Shares” will appear as volumes on your Desktop.

Note: If you like you can create an alias for easy access to your “Home” and/or “Shares” volumes. If you have an alias for the old volume, “NSShare,” you can remove it since it will no longer be accessible.

Create an Alias (Shortcut) to Access your Network Drive(s)


Remove any existing alias to NSSHARE by dragging it to the trash


Connect to “cifs://tnsfiles.tns.newschool.edu” by following the directions above


Select the network drive and right-click (or control-click)


Select the menu option “Make alias”

Connect Mac Make Alias


The alias will appear on the Desktop

Connect Mac shortcut


Drag the alias to wherever you like

Simply double-click on the alias for easy access to your network drive.