Find answers regarding Equipment Center (EQC) reservations and checkout of audio and video production equipment. 

For questions about fines please see Fines FAQ.

How do I reserve equipment from the Equipment Center?

To assist you in the reservation process please refer to the Equipment Center Reservation Guide (PDF), which will show you how to get started reserving equipment.

What do I need to have to check out equipment?

You must have your New School ID. The New School ID is the only ID accepted to rent equipment.

Are memory cards provided with equipment?

No, memory cards are not provided for any gear.

Does the Equipment Center offer training on how to use the equipment?

No training is provided by the Equipment Center. You should have prior knowledge of the equipment requested. To assist you, there are tip sheets available online and on-site. There is also a nearby testing area when you pick up your equipment where you can practice hands-on.

Can I cancel a reservation?

You have the option to cancel a reservation, but you must notify the Equipment Center by either phone, email, or in person. Otherwise, you are logged as a "No Show" and your reservation is voided.

Is there a grace period for scheduled pick-ups?

You must pick up your equipment in person at the scheduled start time. There is a 3 hour grace period for pick-ups (Note: if pick-up is scheduled less than 3 hours before Equipment Center closing, the grace period expires at closing).

Reservations not picked up after 3 hours will be logged as a "No Show" and voided.

Is there insurance provided on the equipment?

No insurance is provided by the university.

Can I petition for an exception to standard policies or procedures?

Degree or credit-seeking students registered for the current academic term may petition for an exception to standard policies or procedures. The Special Access Request Form must be filled out a minimum of 6 days before the start of the reservation. Semester long request are not allowed. 

How can I reserve field equipment?

Reservations for field equipment may be made online at least 24 hrs. in advance, with a maximum duration of 4 days, by logging in to MyNewSchool > Services > Equipment and Lab Station Reservations and selecting “Book Equipment for Pick-up” under the Services tab. Walk-in checkouts of field equipment may be made on a first-come, first-served basis, with a maximum duration of 2 days (48 hrs.).

Can I reserve studio gear?

Studio gear is available on a walk-in only basis, and must be returned by Equipment Center closing the same day.