These Equipment Center (EQC) policies and procedures should be read prior to checking out equipment. 

Your New School photo ID is the only ID accepted

 If you do not have your ID you will not be able to pick up a reservation or check out gear as a walk-in.

Degree or credit-seeking students may reserve equipment online 24 hours in advance

Reservations can be made via MyNewSchool or the Equipment Center Website. Reservations can be set for a maximum of 4 days.

Walk-in checkouts may be made for up to 48 hours

Walk-in checkouts of available field equipment can be made daily on a first-come, first-served basis

Reservation checkouts will take priority over walk-ins, and only one walk-in checkout can be processed at a time

You may have only one reservation or checkout at a time

If you have an outstanding checkout or upcoming reservation, you must complete or cancel the checkout before scheduling another. (Faculty are exempt for course-related reservations).

You are fully responsible for all equipment and kit items (cables, windscreens, filters etc.)

Check all items and test them thoroughly before signing out the gear. If any kit item is missing or problematic, alert the staff, who will replace it or make a note on the contract.

No insurance is provided by the university

You should have prior knowledge of the equipment requested

No training is provided. To assist you, there are workflow guides on-site. There is also a nearby testing area where you can practice hands-on.

Only 2 Lenses may be checked out at a time

This does not include the lens that comes standard with the kit. For exceptions, please use the Special Access request form found in the FAQ section.

You must wait while the staff tests the equipment

This may take up to 30 minutes.

Why does my reservation say 'pending?'

Reservations are approved 24-hours before pick up, and they get approved when EQC staff packs the items in them. Reservations marked 'pending' can be edited using the WebCheckout system, while reservations marked as 'approved' can be edited at pick up. If the reservation is in the system, regardless of its pending or approved status, it will be available to the user that requested it.

Return all equipment before the scheduled reservation end time

There is a 3 hour grace period for returns (Note: if the return time is scheduled less than 3 hours before Equipment Center closing, the grace period expires at closing). Late return fees will apply to reservations that are more than 3 hours overdue.

Late Return Fee - A Late Return Fee will be invoiced if you fail to return your equipment on time

The amount is based on $20 per hour and $100 a day. You will be unable to check out equipment until the fee is paid.

If the staff find damaged gear upon return it is noted and investigated

Your account is not suspended during the investigation. If the investigation determines you are at fault, you will be notified to repair or replace the item(s). Until you do, you will be restricted from making reservations.

You are responsible for the cost of repair or replacement of damaged items

If an item is too damaged to be repaired, you will be responsible for the cost of a replacement item of the same or current model.

You are responsible for returning or replacing missing items

Until the missing item is returned or replaced you are restricted from making reservations.

Resolve any fee, missing, or damaged item within 2 weeks of the end of the semester

If you do not, a "hold" is placed on your university student account. A "hold" results in the withholding of grades, diploma, and transcript. Upon resolution, the hold will be lifted within two business days.

Reservations not picked up after 3 hours will be logged as a "No Show" and voided

After your second "No Show" your account will be suspended for 2 days. Continued "No Shows" could result in permanent ban from the EQC. If you cannot make a pickup call the EQC.

Submit payment or replacement parts directly to the Equipment Center

Fees may be paid only via newcard cash.