Follow these instructions to learn how to record Zoom in the classroom.

Step 1: Navigate and open The New School Gmail icon on the Desktop.

If another account is active, please log out of that account. 


Step 2: Use Chrome browser to navigate to and select Sign In which will bring you to The New School Single Sign on. 

Step 3: Log on to your account. 


Step 4: To record your class session.
Click on the record button and select: Record to cloud.
This creates a link to your recorded content stored for 30 days in your zoom account. 


Step 5: When the Zoom session has ended. Please log out of your Zoom session by clicking on the account icon and Sign Out.  

Step 6: To access recorded Cloud content, Navigate to and log to your account to review recorded content.   
Reminder: Recorded content stored for 30 days only. 


Step 7: Reminder: When the classroom session is complete 
Please make sure to Log Off all accounts and browsers. 
Click on account icons and log off each account.