A Zoom Room is used in spaces on campus where you can attend or host hybrid meetings with more than one person physically in the room. These rooms typically do not have computers in them so you must bring your own device if you want to share your screen while using Zoom.


When using a Zoom Room you can launch or join zoom meetings by either using the touchscreen interface, or pairing your own device with the screen.

  • If you pair a device with the Zoom Room display you also have the ability to share your screen with people physically in the room without starting a zoom meeting. 
  • If you pair your device with the Zoom Room display then you can control the entire meeting from your device.

Join meetings if you don't have a device

If you just need to attend a meeting and you do not need to share any content from your own device you can use a Zoom Room to either host or join a meeting.

  1. Using the display's touchscreen (or a tabletop control panel if there is one) you can click the icon to start a meeting. You can then invite people to attend the meeting as you would normally in zoom.
      • Click on participants and then press the invite button and you can search for and invite people to join.
  2. If you already have a meeting on your calendar and you want to join the meeting you can choose to join a meeting. You will need to enter the meeting ID and passcode for the meeting which should be in your calendar invitation. 
  3. If you are the host of an already scheduled meeting then you will want to use a laptop or phone to pair with the Zoom Room and then launch your meeting.

Pairing your Device with a Zoom Room display

  1. Launch Zoom on your laptop and log in as normal.
  2. Click on the pairing icon at the top right of zoom: 
    • If prompted, type in the sharing key (located at the top right of the LCD Display).

    • The pairing icon will turn blue, you can click it to confirm the connection.

  1. Launch a zoom meeting as normal, or select “Share Screen” from zoom if only sharing with people in the room.
    • When prompted, choose the “Join from Room” button.

  1. After ending a meeting/screen share, pair mode is ended. You must re-pair if you wish to connect once more.