Transparency, Slide & Film Scanners (Epson) scan negatives, slides and transparency sheets for your photographs and other transparency media.

Where are the transparency, slide & film scanners located?

The Epson Transparency, Slide & Film scanners are located at Arnhold Hall (55 West 13th St.) 8th Floor Lab.

When can I use the transparency, slide & film scanners?

Epson Transparency, Slide & Film Scanners are during Lab Hours of operation.

Where do I find the scanning trays?

From the 8th floor reception desk, you can borrow four different categories of slide mount adapters, based on availability.

  • 4x5 Slide Holder Adapter (max 4 slides)

  • 35mm Negative Film Holder Adapter (max 4 film strips)

  • 35mm Slide Holder Adapter (max 15 slides)

  • 21/4"x7" Slide Holder Adapter (max 3 slides)

How do I scan with the Epson transparency, slide & film scanners?

  1. Ensuring that the scanner is powered on, place your media inside the appropriate tray and lay the holder directly onto the glass so that it is aligned with the upper right corner.
  2. Select the Apple Icon. Go to Utilities > Epson Scan

  3. In the Mode dropdown menu, select Professional Mode.

  4. Set Document Type to Film (w/ film holder) and set the appropriate film setting.

  5. Click Preview. If scanning multiple slides or frames, you will be shown thumbnails of each slide or frame. Checkmark the thumbnails you want to scan.

  6. Make sure that your settings for the scan are correct. Scan mode: Transparency for Pos/Neg Film Resolution: 72 dpi for web, 180 dpi for print, 360 dpi or higher for photo. Magnification; 100% for same size image

  7. Click Scan.

  8. Name your file(s) under "File Name" and Save to Work In Progress.

What if my film will not fit into standard film holders?

You can borrow Fluid Mount Accessory from Arnhold Hall 8th floor desk to use with Epson Scanners. This mount also offers scratch removal and grain reduction from curved film. You need to obtain your own scanner mounting fluid and scanner mounting film.