Each dorm has its own wireless network that uses a dorm password. Once you’ve signed your device onto the network the first time, it will automatically join the network every time you come in range, without you having to do anything.


To use any of the dorm wireless networks your computer or mobile device must be able to connect to a wireless network using a password (also known as a pre shared key). If you have a problem connecting, confirm your device’s support for this method of authentication or contact IT Central for further assistance.


While in New School residence hall, enable wifi


Select the wireless network available in your dorm

Available networks:

  • Kerrey Hall - "newschool-kerrey"
  • Stuyvesant Park - "newschool-stuy"
  • Loeb Hall - "newschool-loeb"
  • 20th Street Building - "newschool-20st"
  • 301 1st Avenue Building - "newschool-301"


Log in with the provided dorm password