The New Hire Technology Reference guide is an overview of all of the technology services offerings at the New School.


Your key to access New School resources is your NetID username and password. If you do not yet know your NetID username, go to to look up your NetID and set your password. Once you have your NetID and password, you may begin to access the resources associated with your credentials. You will be prompted to change your password every 180 days, but you can change it at any time at


MyNewSchool is a web portal for all students, faculty, and staff. MyNewSchool provides access to your New School email account, MyDay, self-service for administrative functions, news and announcements, events, library resources, and much more. Login at and enter your NetID and password.

New School Email and Google Apps

With your NetID username and password, you may access your New School Google Apps Mail at Additional information about your Email Account, other Google Apps, and information to help you configure your mobile device to send and receive New School Mail is also available. Please note: Faculty and staff accounts are deleted when employment at The New School ends, along with all associated content. Please take a moment to learn what happens to Google content, and the options and instructions on how to retain information before the account is deleted. Use of Google storage space for university academic and business use must comply with guidelines detailed in Handling Sensitive Information.

Network Office Printing

Most administrative offices are equipped with a network printer. If you would like to install an office printer not available on your workstation, you may do so using the Printer Installer software to install additional printers on your machine.


Access to Internet Native Banner (INB) can be granted to university employees charged to view, create, and/or update information in the enterprise system. To access Internet Native Banner (INB) an initial request must be made from your supervisor. Prior to Banner access approval, all employees must complete a FERPA training. For Banner support, please contact


Once you have your phone, learn the basics of use by reviewing our calling instructions, which will provide instructions detailing how to make calls, use the directory, set up a conference call, and more.


In order to create a voicemail account for you, you will first have to register your voicemail account by entering your extension in a self-service feature available in MyNewSchool. Instructions on how to register your voicemail account are available for reference. If you do not yet know your telephone extension, you may contact Human Resources at, to learn your extension.

Information Security

Using a New School university workstation will require you to comply with university policies related to user responsibility, information security, acceptable use, and the handling of sensitive information. Please familiarize yourself with these policies so that you may do your part to keep the university’s systems and information safe and secure. Additional detail is also available in the Information Security section of our website.


If you are experiencing difficulty with any aspect of this New Hire Technology Reference Guide, please contact IT Central at