In October 2018, Adobe will offer upgrades for its Adobe Creative Cloud applications but DO NOT UPGRADE to these new versions.

Why You Shouldn't Upgrade
Lab and classroom computers cannot be upgraded until sometime in early 2019 due to changes in Adobe's licensing with universities. Until Adobe provides new licensing for the latest versions, upgrading your personal copies of Adobe apps may cause compatibility issues with opening or editing projects on university computers.

What if You Do Upgrade
If you do upgrade Adobe, you should also install older versions of the upgraded applications and use these older versions to create and edit your Adobe files. This will ensure that you can also open and edit these files on our lab and classroom computers. Step by step instructions on how to install older versions of Adobe applications can be found below.

More information will be added as it becomes available from Adobe.

If you are renewing your New School for Adobe subscription, after agreeing to the terms from your MyNewSchool Services section, open your Creative Cloud app and log out of your current session.  When you sign in again select Enterprise ID and use your New School credentials to authenticate.  

For all new subscriptions follow the instructions below:


Login to MyNewSchool

Login to MyNewSchool with your New School NetID and Password


Select Services Tab


Read the content in the Adobe section

The Adobe portlet can be found on the bottom right.


Select “I agree, continue download"


Sign in to Adobe using your New School email address - no password needed


Adobe ID vs Enterprise ID

You may be asked to select Adobe ID (personal ID account) or Enterprise ID (The New School ID account).  Select Enterprise ID


Enter your NetID and Password


Click on "Download Apps" under Creative Cloud