Frequently asked questions about the Adobe Creative Cloud.

Adobe CC 2019 FAQ

How do I access Adobe CC 2019 in labs and classrooms?

Locate the Adobe CC 2019 folder in the Multimedia shortcut and select the program(s) you would like to use.

How do I use Adobe CC 2019 in labs and classrooms?

The new Adobe CC 2019 software will require users to log in each time they launch the software and log out when they are finished. Users will be able to use any valid Adobe account, including any free Adobe account.

General FAQ

How do I download the software?

Go to and sign in with your New School Enterprise account. Learn how to download Adobe here.

I already have Adobe Creative Cloud installed. How do I switch to the new Enterprise New School-provided version?

In order to access the new Enterprise ID subscription, you must first sign out of the trial or "personal" New School version. Then you can sign in with Enterprise ID (using your New School account): 

  1. Click the Creative Cloud icon to open your current version of Creative Cloud
  2. Click on the Profile photo icon

  3. Click Sign Out
  4. Confirm you would like to Sign Out, by clicking "Sign Out" again via the prompt.

  5. Once you are brought back to the Sign In page, click "Sign in with an Enterprise ID"
  6. Enter your New School email address and hit "Enter."

  7. You might see a prompt to choose between 2 accounts. Select "Enterprise ID (Company or school account)."

  8. You will be directed to a New School authentication page. Log in with netID and password and click Continue.

  9. You will be directed to the full available program suite.

I thought I redeemed Adobe through Enterprise ID, but I'm still getting expiration notices from Adobe?

If you previously redeemed Adobe through the New School, you may have created a personal Adobe account with your New School email address. This is separate from your Enterprise ID account (even if it is under same username). As long as you login through your Enterprise ID account, you can ignore any further emails from Adobe regarding account expiration.

Adobe account (non-enterprise) limitations?

  1. Adobe accounts are managed by Adobe (non-enterprise only)
  2. Storage limitation - 2GB
  3. For account and password assistance, please contact Adobe directly

How much storage do I have in the Home-Use Adobe Creative Cloud?

Enterprise accounts will have 100G of storage in the cloud.


What happens to my files if I exceed my storage limit?

Your files will automatically be saved to your local device within a Creative Cloud Files folder associated with your Adobe ID.

It is good practice to backup your files on an external storage device.

On how many devices may I install my Adobe Creative Cloud application(s)?

Your home use subscription allows you to download and install your Adobe application(s) on up to two devices.  

Creative Cloud "Activation limit reached" or "Sign-in failed" error

When you launch a Creative Cloud or Document Cloud subscription app, you get an error stating that sign-in failed, limit was reached, or the maximum number of activations was exceeded.

Follow instructions on link 

How do I access my Creative Cloud files?

Login to the Creative Cloud website using your Adobe Enterprise ID information and click on the “Files” tab.

Is it possible for me to suspend my personal Adobe Cloud account?

No, Adobe does not have this option available.

I have already purchased a Home-Use Adobe Creative Cloud subscription, how can I return it and keep my files?

This varies based on your method of purchase.

  • Retail Purchase: Cancellations are based on the purchased plan; please reach out to your retailer to learn how you can cancel your subscription.

  • Adobe Online Store: Contact Adobe support, Inform Adobe that you are canceling your subscription because the university is making a volume license account available to you.

  • Retaining Files: Users can copy the entire contents of their creative cloud to a local drive. These files can be uploaded to your new cloud space.  Use the link for additional instructions.

Can New School Restricted or Confidential information be stored in the Adobe cloud?

The cloud-based storage included with Adobe Creative Cloud is NOT appropriate for storing New School Restricted or Confidential information of any kind. In particular, student education records and personally identifiable information about employees, students, or alumni must never be stored in the Adobe cloud.

For more information, see General Controls for Handling Sensitive Information. 

How do I know if my computer meets the specifications required by the Parsons curriculum to run Adobe applications?

Parsons students will want to download run the Parsons Laptop Requirements Check application. This will allow you to see whether your laptop meets the specifications required by the Parsons curriculum.

I no longer have access to Adobe Creative Cloud applications through The New School, how do I retain my files?

Retaining Files: Users can copy the entire contents of their creative cloud to a local drive. These files can be uploaded to your new cloud space.  Use the link for additional instructions.

Apps tab missing and/or disabled from Creative Cloud desktop app - how do I recover?

Follow instructions in the following link

Do Adobe apps work on Apple computers that use the M1 chip?

For more information, please see Does my Adobe app work on Apple M1 computers?