Use this guide to help you print from any of the following methods to the standard black and white and color printers on campus. 

Print from Lab Computers

Due to COVID-19 only these services are available.

  • Mac and Windows in Arnhold Hall open lab only - by Reservation only


Go to File > Print


Click Page Setup to select the page size

All black & white printers default to double sided. Double-sided color printing is only available in select locations.

If you wish to print single-sided, click Printer. Under the Two-Sided section, for single-sided, select Off (Exception: Mac Adobe Acrobat X defaults to single sided, you can skip this step)


Click "Print" (Mac) / "OK" (Windows)

You will be prompted to enter your NetID and password. After you verify the print points needed for the job and click OK/Print, your job will be sent to a print release station.

Print from Personal Laptops

These services are unavailable due to COVID-19.

Degree-seeking and summer intensive students, faculty, and staff have the option to print wirelessly from personal laptops to black and white printers, basic color and procolor printers, and open lab plotters. To do so, you must first download and install the wireless print software on your laptop. You can then follow the instructions below to print from your personal laptop.


Configure wireless printing settings

If the software firewall (ipfw) on the computer is active, the following ports must be opened for TCP

traffic for Popup to work:

  1. 515
  2. 28203  


Open file and go to File > Print

Information Technology recommends saving all files as a pdf and then printing directly from Adobe Acrobat. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat on your laptop, you may download Adobe Reader for free and use for your wireless printing output.


Choose the printer type

In the print setup window select the desired printer. All campus printers are accompanied with the prefix TNS (The New School) to help you differentiate from other printers you may have installed on your laptop. The following are the available printer formats:

  • B&W (for black and white printing on recycled paper)

  • Color (for regular color printing on recycled paper)

  • ProColor (for high-quality color printing)

  • Plotter (for draft quality large format printing)

  • All printer queues are additionally accompanied with the Wireless suffix. Choose the printer format suited to your printing needs and click Print.


Authenticate Account Login

You will be prompted to authenticate the associated print point debit by entering your NetID and password in the Pharos Popup Window.


Confirm Print Point Amount

You will be notified of your balance and points needed for the job. If you choose to accept the print point amount, click Yes and your file will then be ready to release at a print release station.

Print from Email

These services are unavailable due to COVID-19.

Printing from email is available for standard black and white and color printers.  Supported formats for printing via email are Microsoft® Word, Microsoft® Excel, Microsoft® PowerPoint, Microsoft® Visio, PDF, Text (CSV, RTF & TXT).


Attach and email files to printer

You can attach and send the files you want to print to one of the following printer emails.


Check confirmation email

After you email your files you will receive a confirmation email showing a list of your submitted documents. You can then release the file(s) at a print release station.

Print from Online Print Portal

These services are unavailable due to COVID-19.

You can submit documents by uploading via


Log into the Print Online Portal

Use your NetID and password to log into


Click the upload icon

Upload Icon


Find the file you want to print and click upload

Once the file is uploaded, it will be available to release at a print release station. Files will be automatically deleted from the print portal after 4 hours. 


Edit print options

You can change the print options by selecting the file in the online print portal and editing the options in the bottom right of the screen.

Print Options

Print from iPhone/iPad or Android Devices

These services are unavailable due to COVID-19.

Currently, the only printing methods available for iPhones or iPads are email and the online print portal.