All University-owned administrative and academic desktop computers at The New School follow a power management policy that is meant to reduce power consumption. This policy puts the computer to sleep after a certain amount of inactivity. In order for users to access these computers through VPN, you must first wake up the workstation. To do so, please follow these instructions. NOTE: This is only to remote control Windows Machines.  As of right now, this will not work to remote control Macs.


Log into the VPN


Navigate to “”. You will be prompted for your New School credentials.

Once you navigate to, enter your NetID and password, then click “OK”.

Authentication vpn wakeup


Once authenticated, a list of up to three of the last machines you logged in to will be presented.


Click on the “Wake” button associated with the workstation that you wish to wake up.

Power Management System


You will see a window showing the status of the Wake Up process

Power Management System


Once the Wake Up process is complete, click the “Remote Desktop Connection” button

Power Management Software


You will be prompted for a Remote Desktop Action. Click “OK”

Power Management System


You may be prompted to confirm this action. Click “Connect”

Power Management System


You will be prompted to authenticate to your office computer. Enter your NetID and password then click “OK”.

Power Management Software


Your remote desktop session will start.