You can create an email alias to use as an alternative to the NetID email address assigned to you as a student or employee. The NetID address that was originally assigned to you will continue to be a valid email address; the alias you select allows you to make your email address more personable or memorable. Your NetID will continue to be your username to log into all New School services.


  • Email alias selections are first-come, first-served. If your alias of choice is already taken consider using a number or a nickname to make it unique.
  • You may only pick an email alias once, so think carefully before submitting your selection. Since The New School offers email in perpetuity for alumni, you will have this alias address for the life of your account.


How do I create my email alias?

  • Log into MyNewSchool (

  • Navigate to the Services tab.

  • In the "Email Alias" channel, click the “Create your New School email alias” link.

  • Submit your selection. The change may take up to 24 hours to to be available for use.

How do I make my email address alias my default address?

  • Log into your New School email account (

  • Click the gear icon in the upper right corner, then select Settings.

  • Select the the Accounts tab.

  • On the Accounts screen, you will see your current New School email address. By default, your is listed as your primary address. To change this, click the make default link next to your preferred email address.

    • If you created a New School email alias, you can add the alias by clicking on "Add another email address" in the Send mail as section. Please note that it can take up to 24 hours for your email alias to become available after submission. Once the email alias is added, you can then make it a default.  
  • To change the display name or reply-to address associated with one of your email addresses, click the edit info link next to that email address.

  • Using the radio button under "When replying to a message," you can select whether replies you send to email from others always come from your preferred email address or come from the email address the sender originally used.

  • Your changes are saved as you make them; you do not have to click a save button.

What are the rules when choosing an email alias?

The email address alias that you choose must be a reflection of your name on record with The New School, with no additional text, and fall within these guidelines:

  • Your alias must include at least one full element of your name (first, middle, last) and may include the following separators between elements: period (.) or underscore (_)
  • Only elements of your name of record at The New School may be used for your alias. No additional text is allowed. NOTE: Your name on record appears on the alias selection screen under the “Choose your alias” field. This is the name on which you must base your email alias. For example, if you have no middle name on record, you will not be able to incorporate one in your alias.
  • You may use a number to differentiate elements of your name (e.g., johnny.parsons2). Up to five numbers are allowed, and they do not need to be touching.
  • Aliases may contain up to 64 characters.

I have picked an alias and do not see a way to submit it. Why not?

The submit button appears only when all criteria for picking an alias have been met. If you do not see the submit button, please review your selection to ensure that it is within the guidelines.

Is my email alias address a new email account? Does picking a personal address change my NetID?

No, mail sent to your email alias address goes to the same inbox as your NetID address, and your New School NetID remains unchanged. Your personal email address is just a synonym for your official address. In other words, is an email alias for

How many email aliases can I choose? Can I change my email alias?

Be careful! You may choose only one email alias, and it is a one-time selection. The only circumstances which will allow you to change it are a qualified name change which has gone through the appropriate channels.

Will my alias be displayed in the Google Apps directory?

If you choose to use an email alias, it will be displayed in New School Google Apps contacts directory instead of the NetID version of your email address.

My name on record with The New School is not correct. How can I change this?

If you are a student, contact the Office of the Registrar to inquire about how to change your record. For faculty and staff, contact Human Resources.

I'm trying to set an alias that meets all criteria but after checking the agreement box, the selection will not go through?

Please reset your MyNewSchool password via the page. Once your new password is set, you should be able to submit your alias selection.