Do you have a project or a service request (IT Central ticket)? We have some tips to help you better identify what your request is and where to submit:

Project Request

  • Temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique product, service, or result.
  • Defined timeframes with unique outputs delivered at the end of the timeframe.
  • Activity involves planning, execution, testing, and transition to readiness.
  • Efforts that have multiple phases.
  • Examples: New software implementation, new Tableau report buildout, data integrations between multiple systems, technology install for new conference room.

You can submit a project request via the IT Project Initiation Request Form

IT Service Request (Ticket)

  • Request for information, advice, standard change or access to an IT service.
  • Unplanned interruption or reduction to the quality of an IT service.
  • Effort considered routine maintenance or minor alteration to a system.
  • Efforts that have a single activity.
  • Examples: Password reset request, minor data field change/update, request for computer peripherals in The New School facility.

You can submit an IT service request (ticket) at or email