When saving your work on the computers in the Technology Labs you should follow these best practices and tips.

Each station has its own hard disk storage on the desktop called Work in Progress. (On PCs, My Computer> D drive).

Move or save files from your removable disk, Drop Box, or email into Work In Progress before you begin working.

Always open files from and save to the Work in Progress Drive.

Save frequently to Work in Progress as you work. Back up files on your disk when you’re done.

If you need disk space, delete old files from Work In Progress. edu Services is not responsible for files left on Work In Progress.

NEVER OPEN OR PRINT FILES from removable media (USB flash, CD, etc.) or the Drop Box.

If you do, your computer may crash and your files may become corrupted. Removable media is for backing up work and moving it from one computer to another.

Drop Box is a shared folder connected to all stations in Information Technology labs. Use it to move files from one station to another.

In Windows or Apple Dock Menu, click to select Drop Box. It then appears on the desktop. (On PCs, My Computer> Z Drive).

Drop Box contents are automatically deleted every morning at 11:50am.